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Personal Message From Walter Thompson

Dear RVing Friend:

I would like to tell you about a very unique and exclusive opportunity for you to never have to pay full price at RV
parks ever again!

This means you'll be able to put more money back in your gas tank and your food billand of course travel
even more!

For the first time ever, you are invited to try out our exclusive 1/2 price RV Park network and receive 
6 FREE RV Bonus guides valued at over $127.63 just for taking a risk free look. 

But please claim them today, because this page will be pulled down on

Even if your RV is in storage and you're not planning any trips in the near future, you can claim your sponsor paid
discount on the Great RV Escapes Preferred Program now and use it later.

What this means is you can take advantage of the special sponsor paid program saving you $199 now, and the time
won't begin until you are ready to start using it.

Here's An Overview Of Everything You Will Receive:

Savings of $20-$35 A Night On Average.  Just show your ID card when you check in, and the clerk will reduce your nightly rate accordingly.
Free Lifetime Access Upgrade To The Online RV Directory. While most services of this caliber charge $50 or more per year, you'll never pay any renewal fees for the general directory of over 17,000 sites.
The ability to make reservations if you want to or need to.  Allowing You The Freedom To Go Wherever, Whenever!
Hassle Free Check In Experiences
Unlimited Access!  Whether you're a full-time RV owner or just use your RV for quick trips close to home or an annual can use it anytime!
Quality Hook-up Sites including water, power and sewer!
Access ToTHOUSANDS of quality RV Campsites!
Plus...Receive The Following
6 RV FREE Bonus Guides Just For Saying "Maybe"
(They're Your's To Keep No Matter What You Decide!)

You Receive All Of The Following Resources:

#1 Preferred Access Savings Card
Free Lifetime Upgrade!

  • Your $10 and 1/2 price camping privileges will never expire
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 100% Transferrable To Anyone, Anytime!


#2 Interstate Services Directory

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


Easily locate rest areas, welcome centers, roadside turnouts, and scenic vistas along America's interstate highways. Find out where these areas are and the facilities available such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Family Restrooms
  • Phones
  • Restaurants
  • Picnic Tables
  • Vending Machines
  • RV Dump Stations
  • Wireless Internet
  • More

The Interstate Services Guide is a must for anyone who travels America's interstate highways.


#3 RV Service Center Companion Guide

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


This guide makes finding quality, reputable service centers easy!

Should you ever have an unexpected breakdown or mechanical failure, it will definitely come in handy!


#4 RV Golf Companion Guide

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


Now you can search listings of popular golf courses along the routes you travel.

They're hand picked, based on golf enthusiast's feedback, and are generally located close to popular RV park destinations!


#5 RV Dump Station Guide

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


The RV Dump Station Guide makes it easy to find public dump stations. Over 2,000 locations across the United States are listed and included.

Dump stations easily accessed from Interstate highways are listed by exit or mile marker number, making it easy to find one as you travel. Those in other locations are listed alphabetically by city or town.

The RV Dump Station Guide is the perfect companion and a valuable resource for all RVers.

#6 Walmart Guide

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


Easily find Walmart & Walmart Supercenter stores across the United States and Canada with this comprehensive directory. Over 2,700 stores with all details including GPS and driving directions are listed in this guide.

Plus, Walmart Supercenters located within one mile of an Interstate highway are identified by the Interstate exit number.

#7 Truck Stop & Travel Center Guide

(Includes Lifetime Updates!)


The Truck Stop & Travel Center guide includes listings for over 900 popular truck stops and travel centers in America. Includes the following establishments:

  • Flying J Travel Plazas
  • Love's Travel Stops
  • Petro Stopping Center
  • Pilot Travel Centers
  • Travel Centers of America (TA Travel Centers)

Here's how this powerful money-saving system was created:

Hi I'm Walter Thompson avid RV traveler and Chairman of Great RV Escapes.

After having been involved with many of the typical 'discount clubs' and travel memberships, I realized
most of them were either so expensive or had excessive restrictions. If you currently belong to one or
have in the past you probably know just what I mean.

My goal from the very beginning was to create something that greatly enhanced the RV experience and
one that ANYONE could afford to have.

And the feedback I received from various online and offline surveys among both beginner and seasoned
RV owners indicated that you just wanted a simple, easy to use resource saving you money on hookups 
without high fees of any kind.

Putting a program like this together would be a tough task no fact the skeptics said it simply
couldn't be done!

Saving an amount worth talking about at RV parks generally requires a big amount up front or a
high yearly fee which can make it tough to recoup your costs if you aren't a full time RVer.

Using feedback from all types RV owners was the key in developing what some are calling their 'secret weapon' for increasing the value of their travel dollars.

Since the information I received from the majority of RV travelers was the need for quality campgrounds in convenient locations, my team and I looked to model the network after a system of parks that I'm sure you're familiar with.

What Does KOA Or Good Sam Have To Do
With Great RV Escapes?

Nothing actually.

Except for the fact that if you're at all familiar with KOA or Good Sam (you've probably stayed in them at
least once), you know that their campgrounds are in high traffic, convenient locations. Remember though,
KOA and Good Sam only save you 10% which in most cases barely covers the tax.

With your Great RV Escapes Preferred Access, you'll find campgrounds located just about
everywhere, and you'll save 50% or more...

  • all throughout the US & Canada

  • along major highways

  • along interstates and state routes

  • close to major attractions and tourist areas

  • close to home

This is what you want. Parks where you don't have to drive way out of your way to get to.

In addition, you'll find all 'types' of campgrounds where you'll save a large sum of money:

  • public resorts and campgrounds like those affiliated with Good Sam (instead of saving just 10%,
    you'll save 50% or MORE.)

  • private campgrounds

  • state parks

  • National Forest areas

But beyond just the savings, (as important as that is) my team had many more considerations to make in
order to provide you with a comprehensive and complete package including:

easy to read interactive maps
GPS coordinates
complete & accurate campground descriptions
campground websites & email addresses
trip routing functionality
timely updates for any changes to listings, etc.

After nearly 18 months of fine tuning, listening to and implementing feedback, and tens of thousands of
dollars spent, it was complete!

Finally, It's Here...Approved & Exclusive
Announcing Great RV Escapes Preferred Access!



Here's A Sneak Peek At What You'll
Receive With Your Preferred Access

  • LIFETIME ACCESS- To The Complete RV Directory of 1000's Of Quality Campsites.

  • Save 50% Or More At Quality RV Parks
  • UNLIMITED ACCESS- Preferred Access Card Good At Thousands Of Campgrounds
    Throughout North America

  • Downloadable & Printable Campground Directory- No Internet Access Required!

    *Directory Downloads to As Many Computers As You Want, or You Can Access The
    Printable Directory.

  • No Restrictions- You Can Camp 365 Days A Year. You Can Also Guarantee Your Stay
    Via Online & Telephone Reservations(If available)

  • User Friendly Interactive Travel Maps,Weather Conditions, Email & Websites of Campgrounds

  • Free Trip Routing- makes it easy to get from where you are to where you want to go!

  • All 6 RV Bonus Guides With Free Lifetime Updates!

  • Too Many More POWERFUL Travel Benefits Services To List On This Page!

By now I'm sure you're asking yourself...

Why Would An RV Park Give
ME A 50% Discount...Or More

It's a good question and one you'll want to know the answer to so this all "makes sense."

One of the biggest expenses of running a campground is advertising. Yes they have overhead like electric,
water, sewer, etc. But the main one is getting new customers.

Using the free directory you registered for previously, my company Great RV Escapes, sends
thousands of new customers to these campgrounds on a daily basis! This helps the campground owners
gain new traffic. Of course these visitors are paying the park's full price which makes sure they stay in

What's more, there is no charge for the campground owner to participate. They simply agree to let
people like you, who have Preferred Access...check in at their park and pay either a flat
$10 or save 50% off the 'posted rate.'

So as you can see this really is a win-win!

How Much Will You Save?

You don't have to be a full time RV traveler to save LOTS of money with your Premium Access Pass!

But think about this:If you only camp 2 weeks this year you'll likely spend somewhere around$350
just in camping fees with nothing more than receipts and hopefully some fond memories!

Doesn't it make more sense to SAVE AT LEAST 50% on your hookup fees and increase the value
of your vacation dollars
and still have the memories?

Even if you've put your RV in storage and aren't ready to travel just yet, you don't want to miss out on a
special opportunity to have my sponsors give you a noteworthy discount today.

"Walter, This All Sounds Wonderful But I'm Sure
There's A Cost Here Somewhere"

You're right!

However its a small fraction of what you'll save just by having it. It's really kind of like the
jack in your don't use it every time you drive, but boy is it handy when you need to change a flat!

The truth is you won't use the Great RV Escapes discount 100% of the time. Yes, there will be times when
you're in an area where we don't have an affiliated park.

But let's face it, if you're in an area where you can choose between paying say $35 a night or $10...well I
think I know which one you'd pick!

Before I show how to get your copy of the Great RV Escapes Preferred Access, I want to share with you:


What RV Owners Like You Are Saying About It

"Any time I've had a question for you it
has been answered quickly and courteously"


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful, easy to use program for our camping needs. You make it very easy to choose locations and see what campgrounds & resorts are available. All the information is there to check each one out and make a reservation.

Directions are clear which is important when pulling a trailer or driving a big rig.

Any time I've had a question for you it has been answered quickly and courteously.

Keep up the good work!

-- Jim & Linda VanMarter
Hillsboro, OR


"I also am impressed with the amount of
good quality campgrounds that you list for
with amazing discount rates."


To be honest, I had been using "free" sites to find campgrounds. I decided to give it try and see if I could save money because of your "money back guarantee." But the thing I like so much about the Great RV Escapes program is that it's simple.

I also am impressed with the amount of good quality campgrounds that you list for with amazing discount rates. I have found and stayed at many others for discounts as well.

-- Kelly Underberger
Escondido, CA


"Gives me access to the information I really need
when trying to find campgrounds"


Thanks for the rv tool. I'm a brand new RV owner and Great RV Escapes gives me access to the information I really need when trying to find campgrounds....the savings are wonderful too!

--Jayne Welch
Amarillo, TX


"Great RV Escapes Saves You Money Period"


Not only can I find campgrounds in the areas I want to travel in, but the layout is so easy to read and understand. I just came back off of a 3,500 mile trip and although not all of the campgrounds were at a discount, they were to the "T" as far as the description I read about using your site and saved us gas because they were so easy to find. Great RV Escapes saves you money period.

-- Bill Harvey
Albuquerque, NM


I get emails like these on a daily basis from RV owners all over North America raving about the Great RV
Escapes Program!


As you can see...


You Really Only Have 2 Choices When
It Comes To Staying In RV


Choice #1- Pay Full Price

Choice #2- Save 50% OR MORE


Considering all the benefits and savings you receive with Preferred Access, it could
easily be offered for $300 or more and be worth every penny and then some.


But since I want you to recoup your initial investment rather quickly (within just 2-4 nights), I've
convinced my sponsors of the free online directory to give you a special discount for a handful of 1st time subscribers.


As of today, there are only 7 sponsor paid registrations available. And they're almost gone,
so claim your copy along with all 6 bonuses today, and this unprecedented...



  Unconditional, No Questions Asked 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

And Submit Just $47.77 (one time - no future renewals EVER.) To Access All The Benefits & Services.

Special 90 Day Trial...

I understand I will have a full 90 days to view the program and if I'm not completely satisfied I will receive a prompt and courteous questions asked. I further understand I can keep all 6 RV Bonus Guides even if I cancel. It's on that basis that I am registering below.

$199Buy In Waived!

  • $10 & 1/2 Price Camping!
  • No Reservation Fees!
  • No Hassles!
  • No Gimmicks!
  • Starts When You're Ready To Use It!
  • Save Now/Start Later
  • 100% Transferrable anytime to
    anyone, for any reason!
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!



If you're not satisfied with your Great RV Escapes Preferred Access for any reason, or no reason at all ...
simply let me know and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund!


There are no "catches" to this offer.  No 'fine print' for you to read.


I know you'll love it! Try it out today!




I look forward to maybe meeting you someday "out on the open road." But until then should you
have any questions, feel free to contact me personally at my office at 888.727.1118.


Thanks so much and enjoy your travels!


P.S.Even if you're not traveling right now, you can still claim your sponsor paid discount and
save over 50% off the regular rate. Then, once you hit the road again the savings you'll receive at thousands of campgrounds will be waiting!


P.P.S.The Great RV Escapes Preferred Access really is unlike anything else you've ever seen.


There's NO expensive membership to join, and with savings of 50% or MORE at
popular RV Resorts throughout North America it's a fantastic value and will pay for
itself hundreds of times over!


Don't wait...claim your copy now and take advantage of your sponsor paid discount today!


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